vol-10-2021-no-4-october International Journal of Geometry

LILIANA GABRIELA GHEORGHE – When Euler (circle) meets Poncelet (porism)
DAN REZNIK and RONALDO GARCIA – Related by Similarity II: Poncelet 3 – periodics in the homothetic pair and the Brocard porism
MARTIN JOSEFSSON and MARIO DALCÍN – 100 characterizations of tangential quadrilaterals
DEBRA MIMBS GLADDEN, WILLIAM FULFORD, SAMUEL D. GRUBER and ALEXANDRA SQUIRES – An analysis of Melzak’s conjecture in Taxicab Space
JAMES M. PARKS – Generalized Archimedes angle division
MILENA HARNED – Perimeter bisectors, cusps, and kites
CÍCERO P. AQUINO and HENRIQUE F. DE LIMA – Umbilicity of spacelike hypersurfaces immersed in a Lorentzian space form
PARIS PAMFILOS – Geometric aspects of Möbius transformations

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